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• The people are friendly and very pleased for you to visit

• The scenery is beautiful, the environment is pristine and its warm

• It’s easy to get to but a real adventure to get around

• not everyone else has been or is going

• The culture is unique and the history is incredible

• You can make a real difference

Then our community/cultural tours are for you. We have spent time making the connections with the people and projects in the districts of East Timor for you so you can step right into the adventure and the heart of this amazing country.

We balance our tours making sure you get enough time in-between connecting with local communities and learning about the country to have some R&R, it’s a holiday after all! There is ample time for taking in the view while sharing a laugh on the veranda before enjoying an alfresco meal as the sun sets.

Some examples of what to expect on a tour include:

• Traditional feasts prepared specially for us

• Traditional singing and dancing

• Visits to women’s weaving groups in remote communities

• Visits to community projects such as learning centres supported by Australian Friendship groups.