About Our Tours

We love East Timor and we know you will too. Timor Adventures is our way of sharing this beautiful country and unique culture. Our tours areThe hills are alive always fun, otherwise we wouldn’t go on them!

We know East Timor and have created our tours based on firsthand experience; we know you will be exhilarated, amazed, amused and at times deeply touched, no matter what style of tour you choose.

All our tours are adventures and take you to remote areas of untouched natural beauty. How much time you spend and how you travel is up to you, we can tailor the adventure to your group’s needs and interests.

Bikes at the PousadaWhichever adventure you choose you will be making a very real and direct contribution to Timorese people. Our drivers and tour guides are all Timorese; we stay in village based accommodation, eat in local restaurants and encourage our travellers to support local artisans and community projects.

Two important non-government organisations we specifically support through our tours are:

  • The Alola Foundation a not for profit, non-governmental organisation operating in Timor Leste to improve the lives of women and children.
  • ETWA, (East Timor Women Australia) and their work with CTKDS (Co-operative for tais, culture, development and sustainability) based in Lautem.

Tours commence and finish in Dili allowing you time to explore the chaotic bustle of this fascinating water front town.  Distances are small but road conditions are variable (that is being polite), but the upside of bad roads is we don’t have to share the adventure with the masses and there is ample time to take in the spectacular scenery. All itineraries include pristine coastlines, (it is an island!) and because East Timor is bisected by two enormous mountain ranges you are assured panoramic views as we wind our way through hairpins and razor backs.

An understanding the past is essential to understanding East Timor today. Connecting with the history of East Timor, including the Portuguese era, WW2, Indonesian times and the struggle for independence is a part of all our tours.

Currently we are offering three styles of tours:

  • Cultural/community tours where you travel in a 4 wheel drive.
  • Adventure motorcycle tours for those with their motorcycle licence.
  • Customised tours for groups of three or more who have their own itinerary in mind with a special reason for visiting East Timor