Timor 1942

About Australia’s first commando campaign:

This Newsreel  titled “The men of Timor” was produced by Damian Parer in September 1942 it tells the tale of Australia’s first commandos, the members of the 2/2 independent company


Additional resources about Timor 1942

Despite the actions of these Australian soldiers being less well known than those of Kokoda there are still some excellent resources available

The Australian War Memorial 

The West Australian Museum held an exhibition titled Debt of Honour

The 2/2 commando Association has website called Double Reds


Cyril Ayris – All The Bull’s Men

Archie Campbell – The Double Reds of Timor

Compiled by C. D. Doig – A History of the 2nd Independent Company and 2/2 Commando Squadron

Bernard Callinan – Independent Company : the Australian Army in Portuguese Timor 1941-43

Christopher C. H. Wray – Timor 1942: Australian Commandos at War with the Japanese 

Paul Cleary – The men who came out of the ground : a gripping account of Australia’s first commando campaign : Timor 1942