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Motorcycle-adventures-page-Timor Adventures 2016 motorcycle tours fact sheet (A good place to start)

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Motorcycle tour dates and prices

If you are interested in other dates we can customise a tour for groups of 5 or more

A note about pillions and non riders: We often get asked about pillion riders. Sadly the nature of the roads and the bikes we use are not sutable for pillion riders however non riders can join a tour in the air conditioned comfort of our support vehicle or join one of our 4wd tours.

Minimum requirements to participate: You will need to be in good physical health, have a sense of adventure and an interest in experiencing other cultures.
All participants must provide evidence of travel insurance and their insurance company’s 24 hour emergency contact number.
To ride a motorcycle on the tour you must have a full, current and valid motorcycle licence, and comprehensive travel insurance that specifically covers motorcycle travel in East Timor.





Transport: 150cc Honda Mega Pro motorcycles (or equivalent) or as a passenger in our four wheel drive support vehicle. Riding or driving is at a slow pace due to inconsistent road surfaces, pedestrians, animals and other road hazards.
There is the option to trek up Mt Ramelau, Timor’s highest mountain as well as a short boat trip in a small fishing boat to Jaco Island.

Visas, Money, Health and other Practical Stuff.

Visa: One month visa to be purchased for $30 US on arrival at Dili airport. A departure tax of $10 US is also payable.

US$ is the official currency. There are ATMs in Dili however they can be somewhat unreliable. The use of credit cards is limited to a small number of hotels in Dili and unheard of outside the capital city.

Mobile phones:
There is good mobile phone coverage across most of East Timor. A local mobile phone is on loan to you for the duration of the tour. Credit can be purchased at many locations throughout the tour.

Health: It is recommended that you consult your doctor for up to date information about vaccinations including anti-malarial medications as well as any other health requirements.

Important notes

It is important that you check the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website in Australia for any current travel warnings for East Timor and register on Smart Traveller. East Timor has experienced political and social stability since March 2008.

While Timor Adventures plans to deliver its tours as advertised there may be a need to alter the itinerary due to circumstances beyond our control such as weather, road conditions, logistical and other factors .

East Timor is a developing country therefore you cannot expect the same standards that you are used to at home particularly when we travel to the more remote rural areas. The up side of this is you will get to experience a way of life most people will never know.

Motorcycle travel by nature can be a risky pursuit. Participating in a tour on a bike that is new to you on roads that you have not ridden before is difficult enough. East Timor’s roads are unpredictable and have unusual traffic conditions, this means you will need to pay close attention to your riding and be aware that you are responsible for your decision to undertake this tour and ride safely whilst on the tour.