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Light up Quelicai: Sunday 23rd September – Monday 1st October 2018.

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This year we; the Alternative Technology Association (ATA), Timor Adventures and you, are heading to Maluro (A village) in the sub district of Quelicai in the district of Baucau. We will be undertaking a household lighting project to light-up approximately 64 households (approximately 150-200 people).

Cost: $1,985 USD plus $800 AUD donation to the ATA

To find out more about the 2018 Light up Quelicai tour contact us

 About our 2017 Light up Tour

We installed a solar system to the maternity clinic that is being run by the nursing sisters of the sisters of Mercy in Maucatar, a village in Covalima District. Power to the clinic was inconsistent and causing issues for medication that needed 24hr refrigeration. In addition we were asked to install guttering on a school…how could we say no, it was worthwhile and fun. It was an amazing trip, just look at the reviews on TripAdvisor

About Timor-Leste and the ATA

Timor Leste is only one hour by plane from Darwin. It has been a new nation since 2002 and is busy building everything from a police force to an education system. Much progress has been made with help from many countries including Australia but there is still a long way to go.

For many years now the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) has been working in Timor Leste to provide solar power installations in community facilities and remote villages.  In 2013 ATA partnered with Timor Adventures to offer the Light up Timor Leste tours. The tours went really well, we have been running them ever since.

About the systems that are installed

On a Light up Timor Leste tour your donations purchase solar systems

With your donation the ATA will be able to install a solar system along such as:

Light up a school with 3 classrooms and a teachers office  We would be able to install three LED lamps in each classroom and a single 12 VDC as well as a 5W LED lamp in the staff room. The staff room would also housed a 300W inverter to provide AC power. All powered by 170W (2 x 85 W) solar  PV panels, 200 Ah of 12 V batteries and a PL-20 20 A regulator. All up the system would provide lighting in three classrooms and the staff room, together with the provision of AC power in the staff room for a laptop, printer and phone chargers.

Light up to 20 homes in a villages specifically installing the ATA designed Village Lighting System (VLS). The VLS is a 30W solar power system that provides for three lights and a phone changer for a home. Power is stored in a 20Ah battery. The system provides between two and five hours per night of light depending on usage and weather conditions.

To build on the training already conducted by the ATA over the past 10 years and to build technical capacity in-country, in December 2013 the ATA signed an MOU with CNEFP Tibar (an East Timorese training institution) to establish an ongoing technical support role. The CNEFP Tibar solar team will perform the installation of new systems as well as assist with the ongoing maintenance of systems. ATA will support the services of the CNEFP Solar Team by providing funding for services and mentoring of staff.

The final design and size of the solar system is depended on an energy load audit being conducted of the building chosen by the local community

For more information about the tours contact us or for more information about the work of the ATA in Timor Leste have a look at the International Programs group website.

There are also these article about the Light up Atauro tour in 2013 and Light up Baguia 2015 written by people who have come on the tour. You can download the articles below

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