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About this resource

Shirley and I developed Timor Adventures with the  goal of providing economic development (money and employment) through tourism in the districts of Timor-Leste . The economic model, simply put, was to bring new money to the country and then go around the country and spend it.

After working on this for 7 years we can say that the model works; we were able to bring new money to the country and go around the country and spend it. However what we also know is that the number of tourists are too few and the economic benefits are too small to sustain and develop many tourism business.

Because we are interested in economic development through tourism we also have an interest in the bigger picture of tourism in Timor-Leste, beyond the direct provision of tours. Over the years we have reflected on our experience, looked at tourism development in other countries as well read, collected and contributed to a body of work about tourism in Timor-Leste. These pages are simply a place to put this stuff

Use what you like and if you have a question or something to contribute contact us

Dave Carlos



    Why is tourism important in Timor-Leste?


    What is the plan to develop tourism?


    What are the tourism products?


     What is being done to attract tourists to Timor-Leste?


    How will we know if tourism is improving?