Tour dates

Here are our scheduled tours for 2019. For more information about these tours have a look at our  Community and cultural tours and Light up Timor-Leste tours pages. If you have a group we can also develop a Custom tour  for you . If you need any more information contact us

Tour type Places available 2019 Dates Length Tour Cost
Timor 1942 Fully booked 22nd April to 2nd May 11 days Contact us
Rotary Adventure Challenge Open 1st July to 5th July 5 days Contact us
Women's tour Open 20th June to 28th June 9 days $1985 USD
Rotary Study Tour Open 19th August to 23rd August 5 days Contact us
Community & Cultural Tour Open 21st August to 29th August 9 days $1985 USD
Community & Cultural Tour Open 11th September to 19th September 9 days $1985 USD
INTERFET 20th anniversary motorcycle tour Open 23rd September to 30th September 8 days contact us
Light up Timor-Leste Open 30th September to 8th October 9 days $1985 USD plus $800 AUD tax deductible donation


Shirley, Dave, Julio and Jonias