Tour dates

Here are our scheduled tours for 2017. For more information about these tours have a look at our  Community and cultural tours and Light up Timor-Leste tours pages. If you have a group we can also develop a Custom tour  for you . If you need any more information contact us

Tour type Places available 2017 Dates Length Tour Cost
Presidential Election Tour Open 10th March to 21st March 11 days Contact us
Community & Cultural Tour Open 8th April to 16th April 9 days $1985 USD
Community & Cultural Tour Open 22nd May to 30th May 9 days $1985 USD
Women's tour Open 15th June to 23rd June 9 days $1985 USD
Community and cultural Open 3rd July to 11th July 9 days $1985 USD
Light up Timor-Leste Open 21st August to 29th August 9 days $1985 USD plus $800 AUD tax deductible donation
Light up Timor-Leste Open 25th September to 3rd October 9 days $1985 USD plus $800 AUD tax deductible donation


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