Dili the Capital

Our tour starts and finishes in Dili the capital city of East Timor. Dili is a city that still retains much of its charm evident in its Portuguese architecture. Dili is flanked by a panoramic bay with a foreshore to stroll along and tantalising views of Atauro Island. Dili has good swimming beaches. Due to […]

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The Coast

Roads that hug the coastline provide a great riding experience. At the far eastern tip of East Timor you are rewarded for your efforts by a pristine marine environment accessible by a short boat ride to Jaco Island. There is the opportunity to sample freshly caught fish along the way and we stay right on […]

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The Mountains

As we cross East Timor’s two mountain ranges you will notice the vegetation, temperature and aroma in the air changes. From Ainaro to Maubisse there is a fabulous stretch of windy, fairly well surfaced road, hairpin bends and remarkable glimpses of rice paddies and villages. You have the option of trekking up Mt Ramelau, East […]

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The Villages

Once out of Dili we find ourselves riding through many small villages consisting of traditional huts and people engaged in agriculture. Villages come alive on market day and are rich with the colour, bustle and smell of the markets. Each piece of fruit and vegetable is laid out carefully and you may even see some […]

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The Culture

East Timor is rich in arts and crafts of all kinds including the traditional weaving of cloth know as Tais. Contemporary arts are on display at the Arte Moris Cultural Centre in Dili. Traditional East Timorese houses have many features from animist belief. In traditional Timorese society, the shape and structure of a building represents […]

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