20th Anniversary of INTERFET

On the 30th August  1999 the Timorese people voted for independence. This was known as the Special Autonomy Referendum and is also known as the Popular Consultation. Following the outcome of the vote anti independence militia caused a humanitarian and security crisis. On the 20th September 1999 the International force East Timor (INTERFET) was deployed to stabilize East Timor and 22 nations were involved.

Plans for the 20th anniversary of the Popular Consultation and INTERFET are well under way. In the week leading up to both events there will be many celebrations and stories to be told. There will be visitors from all over the world and we look forward to welcoming back all those involved in the Popular Consultation and INTERFET to congratulate them on their work and the Timorese people on this wonderful achievement. 

Over the past 10 years of motorcycle touring I have had the pleasure of touring with a number of people who have served as part of INTERFET. It has been wonderful to hear their stories, visit places they served, show them around the country and see the progress that has been made. It is a lasting legacy they should all be proud of.

About the INTERFET 20th Anniversary motorcycle tour

Here is the plan and what is included:

  • The anniversary is on Friday 20th September the motorcycle tour starts on Monday 23rd September.
  • We have 6 motorcycles and so there are only 6 places.
  • The tour is 9 days
  • Download the itinerary
  • We have a lead rider and a support vehicle so you don’t have to carry luggage on the bike and we can recover a bike if necessary
  • We organise and pay for all the accommodation, meals, water and soft drinks and fuel
  • Our guides speak English and are highly experienced

Price: 2,160* USD 

*Does not include hotel on 22nd September.

If you want more information please contact us.