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Adventure tourers, the Swiss army knife of motorcycles

Motorcycles are often designed to do one thing really well take for instance the trials bike. If you want to hop over tree trunks, zoom up the side of boulders and need to be able to turn a bike on the spot then this is the bike for you. Of course the other side of […]

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Motorcycle touring On Any Sunday

“To some people a motorcycle is work, or a way to get to work or a way to get away from it all to the solitude of the open country. A motorcycle is whatever you want to make it. Turn it on and give yourself a real thrill” These were the opening words to Bruce […]

November 28, 2010  /  1 Comment ››

Timor Leste – East Timor and eco tourism

When I speak to people in Australia about our motorcycle tours in Timor Leste (East Timor) inevitably the issue of safety is raised and few see the country as a tourist destination.  This view is understandable given Timor Leste’s’ recent past, I’d like to set the record straight. Timor Leste has loads to offer travellers […]

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East Timor motorcycle touring in the rain

July is suppose to be the dry season but we had some serious rain during our last tour, take a look at the evidence below.  

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East Timor’s Chega Museum

No more, stop, enough! This is a rough translation of the Portuguese word Chega that the Commission for Reception, Truth and reconciliation in Timor Leste chose as the title for its report.  Chega speaks for all the victims of the nightmares, individual and collective who need to know that this will never be permitted to […]

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