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East Timor UN medal Parade

East Timor ADF Peacekeepers, share your stories

20th of May 2012 marks an important milestone in the life of East Timor. Next year it will be 10 years since East Timor was declared a new nation. The Australian led INTERFET peacekeeping operation in 1999 was the begining of several operations involving 1000’s of Australian defence force personel and support units many who particpated in […]

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Timor Adventures Women’s Tour of East Timor July 2011

The highlights Meeting the staff of Alola and handing over the keys to the “Aurora Timor” A motorbike donated by the crew of the Icebreaker “Aurora Australis” to assist the maternal and child health team in Baucau in their work. Spending time with the women of CTKSD (C0-operative, tias, culture, sustainable development) in Los Palos, […]

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In praise of the mighty Mega Pro

I’ve now completed three overseas motorcycle “adventure” tours, and after each I’ve been left impressed as to just how well the bikes provided have been suited to their respective environments. The first tour was through Kashmir and the Indian Himalayas on a Royal Enfield (which handled snow drifts, scree slopes, river beds and “freeways” with […]

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DFAT Travel advice, East Timor and tourism – you decide

DFAT Travel advice, East Timor and tourism – you decide Current Travel Warnings. It is difficult for people considering travel to East Timor to find first hand, up to date accounts about East Timor to inform their travel plans. We know this because of our work in promoting motorcycle tourism in East Timor. Our experience […]

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“Aurora Timor” the ice breaking motorcycle

A few weeks ago Emma, my niece, was working on the Aurora Australis, an ice breaking ship of the Australian Antarctic Division. They were on their way down to the Australian bases but had been stuck in the ice for a few days. One of the crew was reading an article in a motorcycle magazine […]

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