Flight to Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste is close to Australia, just to put that in perspective it’s 750km from Melbourne to Hobart and only 722km from Darwin to Dili. Unlike the Melbourne -Hobart trip Timor is a very different journey, destination and cost. Airnorth is the main carrier and started flying from Darwin to Dili just after the Timorese people […]

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Go Timor – Finding a place to stay

East Timor is a brand-new destination, a place where you can be a pioneer (Lonely Plant, East Timor 1st edition, Tony Wheeler, 2004) Tony and Maureen Wheel founded the Lonely Planet in 1973 but it wasn’t until 1974 that they traveled to (Then) Portuguese East Timor. East Timor was included it in their South-east Asia […]

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All great adventures begin with a spreadsheet

Michael Smith became the first person to solo navigate the world in a single-engine flying boat. He also developed Cinema Lorosa’e, a travelling cinema in Timor-Leste and owns the Sun Theater in Yarraville, a place we have lived for almost 30 years. It’s a small world! I was in Dili a few years ago when […]

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July 2011: Aurora Timor the ice breaking motorcycle

Timor Adventures memory: July 2011 How the Aurora Australis icebreaker bought a motorcycle to Timor-Leste “Aurora Timor” the ice breaking motorcycle In April 2011 Emma, my niece, was working on the Aurora Australis, an ice breaking ship of the Australian Antarctic Division. They were on their way down to the Australian bases but had been stuck in […]

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1 day, 7th November: Aileu & Maubisse (Mountains and villages)

Frances is looking for someone to share the cost of her adventure on Tuesday 7th November. Frances will be exploring into the mountains, traveling to Aileu & arriving at Maubisse for lunch and a visit to a traditional village. Cost for 2 people is $100 USD each If you are interested contact us About tour […]

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