Motorcycle touring On Any Sunday

“To some people a motorcycle is work, or a way to get to work or a way to get away from it all to the solitude of the open country. A motorcycle is whatever you want to make it. Turn it on and give yourself a real thrill”

These were the opening words to Bruce Brown’s 1971 movie “On any Sunday”. The movie is about motorcycles and the people who ride them.  It explores different types of motorcycle competition and follows the motorcycle careers of professional motorcycle competitors.
I’ve always liked motorcycles. I like the look of them, the experience of riding them and the things you could do with them. It was the idea that “A motorcycle is whatever you want to make it” in On Any Sunday that opened up the world of motorcycling to me.
Much of the movie centred on different forms of motorcycle competition such as road racing, flat track, trials, hill climb, motocross and enduro but what grabbed my attention were the scenes where people used a motorcycle just to have fun and explore new places. It was the idea of motorcycle touring that grabbed me.
Over the years I have done many motorcycle tours but the one that gave me the biggest thrill was touring East Timor. It was everything I was looking for in a motorcycle tour. It explored a place that not many people go to, I met new people, saw a different culture and I did it on a motorcycle.

To understand just what I am talking about take a look at some images:

To get some idea of why on any Sunday is such an important motorcycle film have a look at this video.


  1. Denise Martin says:

    Wow! Looks great! I wish I could have ridden the tour too… maybe next trip will fall during school holiday/ break!Thanks for sharing this link, Vanna!