Timor Leste – East Timor and eco tourism

When I speak to people in Australia about our motorcycle tours in Timor Leste (East Timor) inevitably the issue of safety is raised and few see the country as a tourist destination.  This view is understandable given Timor Leste’s’ recent past, I’d like to set the record straight.

Timor Leste has loads to offer travellers interested in actively engaging with the country and those looking for more than homogenized resorts and theme parks.  Timor Leste has an untouched marine environment, incredibly beautiful coastlines and is bisected by two mountain ranges. The people of Timor Leste are open, friendly and incredibly generous of spirit.

But, self-directed travel is difficult in Timor Leste. The choice of transport is limited. At a cost you can hire a 4WD drive and driver, catch a local bus, mikrolet or aguna but they are crowded and slow, or you can try your luck and hire a motorcycle from Tiger Fuel.  Out of Dili accommodation can be limited and hard to find if you don’t know where to look.

If you like to trek then there are good options in Timor Leste.  .

If pounding up hills on impossible roads on a mountain bike is your thing then look out for the next Tour De Timor mountain bike race.

Or, if you are an active traveller but prefer to travel by car and are interested in learning about the country and sharing the experience in a small group then why not join one of our Community and Cultural tours.

Just a short trip off the coast of Dili is Atuaro Island.

Of course I think you could just get a wiggle on, get yourself a motorbike licence, do lots of practise on bad roads and then join us on a Timor Adventure motorcycle tour. It really is the very best way to explore the country!

For some  images of this beautiful country see our Flickr gallery.