East Timor motorcycle touring in the rain

July is suppose to be the dry season but we had some serious rain during our last tour, take a look at the evidence below.


Ok, so it was mostly fun

Another way to keep dryI put my foot down in the wrong part of the mud hole


  1. Bill Davis says:

    What a trip, riding through country similar to Great Ocean Ride, Grampians (Vic) Blue Mountains(NSW) with the Swiss Alps thrown in for good measure. Riding roads ranging from good ,poor to not there at all added to the excitement of a great 2 weeks. Friendly people in a country frozen in time is a must visit for bikers looking for something different.Congratulations to David and Shirley on a well organised tour and teaching me the skills in dodging chickens, pigs ,water buffalo and the most dangerous of all on the roads the UN workers in 4 wheel drives. Hope to be back for more in a couple of years… Obrigardo Bill.