East Timor’s Chega Museum

ChegaNo more, stop, enough! This is a rough translation of the Portuguese word Chega that the Commission for Reception, Truth and reconciliation in Timor Leste chose as the title for its report.  Chega speaks for all the victims of the nightmares, individual and collective who need to know that this will never be permitted to recur.
Very powerful stuff, and the Chega Museum is a very powerful place, a must go place for anyone interested in understanding the nightmares experienced by East Timorese.    The multimedia exhibition walks you through the history of successive invasions, World War 11 and the role the rest of the world, including Australia has played in this bloody history.
Chega is a must see place for another reason, out of the walls of this place of horror, (Chega is housed in what was an Indonesian prison) come many messages of hope for the future.  These messages have been left by visitors to the museum; they cover the wall of the peace and reflection garden that is provided for visitors. The guides that can help you make your way around the museum are informative and help make this a positve experience.

Chega MuseumWhile its not hard to find Chega if you know where to look, its best to phone or email to make a booking and get some directions. :