Motorcycling in East Timor’s capital city.

In one word, it’s a nightmare!
Dili’s local newspaper The Guide Post runs a regular feature on the month’s worst driving,  you don’t need to be on Dili’s roads long to discover who the main culprits are. During our trip in March we nearly came a cropper when a four wheel drive came to a dead stop right in front of us, the driver hopping out to check out fish for sale on the water front.  Another four wheel drive sailed right into an intersection narrowly missing bumble bee, our trusty mega pro and nearly forcing us into the side of a fully loaded mikrolet. Luckily the guys hanging onto the side of the mikrolet were used to these near misses and gave us a knowing smile and nod.
It seems that just about anyone who steps off an Air North plane to take up their post with the UN or aide agency is issued with a brand new four wheel drive of their very own. The windows go up and the foot gets pressed down and away they go.
Now to be fair it can often be any bodies guess which way is the right way along many of Dili’s numerous one way streets and the government has a nasty habit of closing the main waterfront road for official ceremonies without  notice or thought for traffic redirection.
Definitely the best roads in Dili are the ones that lead straight out of town, the road up the mountains to Baucau or the road out past the airport and on up the coast to Liquica.


  1. Jason Weise says:

    This is very true! But after a little riding Dili’s roads you sort of become used to the strange sense of order that is in the choas! Ready for anything to happen!