ANZAC day 2014

Australia’s first commando campaign took place in Portuguese East Timor during 1942.  A small contingent of Australian commandos launched relentless hit and run raids on far superior Japanese forces. These Australians were the men of the 2/2nd Australian Independent Company. Stranded without radio contact and declared bearded warrior outlaws by the Japanese the men of the 2/2 lived with the threat of execution if captured. Chosen for their ability to operate independently and survive in hostile territory, with the aid of young Timorese men, the 2/2 fought an epic guerrilla war forging long lasting ties between the two countries.

The events of Australia’s first commando campaign are captured in Paul Cleary’s wonderful book “The men who came out of the ground”. Paul will be leading a tour in Timor from the 23rd to 29th April. This tour will include commemoration of ANZAC day, 25th April 2014 in Timor