All great adventures begin with a spreadsheet

Michael Smith became the first person to solo navigate the world in a single-engine flying boat. He also developed Cinema Lorosa’e, a travelling cinema in Timor-Leste and owns the Sun Theater in Yarraville, a place we have lived for almost 30 years. It’s a small world!
I was in Dili a few years ago when I saw Michael talk about his adventure. He started by saying that “All great adventures begin with a spreadsheet”, and it’s true. We used spreadsheets to develop our first holiday itinerary to Timor, our first tour itinerary and this rediscovery Timor tour. Who would have thought spreadsheets could be so important having an adventure.
If a spreadsheet lays out a plan of how to do something this plan is driven by an idea. We spent more than 12 years travelling East Timor, COVID was an instantaneous, unexpected and long interruption to that experience. Our idea is to reconnect with friends, travel the country and share with you our impressions of how ready Timor is for tourism in this “tourism restart” phase. Most importantly we want to discover new experiences and rediscover the ones we miss.