Unofficial guide to motorcycling in Timor

Dave and shirl on bikesSeveral years ago when we had this idea to set up motorcycle tours in Timor we visited Dili to explore the possibilities further. A friend of us introduced us to an Australian guy called Jason who had been working in Timor for a while. Like us he was passionate about the country and the people. When we talked about the idea of motorcycle tours he was enthusiastic and had some wonderful suggestions about how we might go about it.

Jason and his partner Zena both lived and worked in Timor for several years. During their time they wrote a book called “Living in East Timor” (A survival guide). The book fills a really important need about how to get things done in East Timorr, when you live there you soon realise that nothing is straight forward. There are often long complicated and time consuming processes to do everything but no instructions on how to do it. This is like the “Missing manual” for East Timor. If you are thinking about living there, are living there or just want a real grass roots insight into the country then this is the book to get. You can look it up at

Jason and Zena went on to establish a blog called “The Unoffical East Timor Blog”. The blog is choc full of stories, hints and information you simply can’t get anywhere else. We were lucky enough to be interviewed recently about our motorcycle tours by them. This blog will give you some insights about who we are, what we do and why we work this way. When you visit the blog make sure you poke around, it will give you a real taste of this amazing country

Visit our story about motorcycle tours in East Timor by visiting the Unoffical East Timor Blog


  1. thomas says:

    we’re coming over next july for 2 weeks. can yougive us info on the bike tours.